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Re: Weekly Vocab #1.1.9 (repost #1)

From:caeruleancentaur <caeruleancentaur@...>
Date:Monday, October 30, 2006, 19:07

1. bless = suslhêla (< sûsis, well, + lhêla, wish)

She blessed me softly (i.e. in a soft voice).

n-us m-um táx-vi per suslhêl-a. quiet-ADV PAST.PART bless-IND

2. curse = qlâga, 1) t.v. curse, execrate, beshrew. 2) i.v. curse.

We cursed them quickly because they wounded us.

n-úes mhááti mh-on per vên-o mh-úes n-on óós-vi per qlâg-a. because PAST.PART wound-SUBJ that- quick-ADV PAST.PART curse.IND

3. charm/amulet/talisman/lucky charm = mââjos < mââja, 1) t.v.
conjure (up), charm, cast a spell-, -on, -over, bewitch, enchant,
ensorcel, hex. 2) i.v. conjure, charm, cast a spell, bewitch,
enchant, ensorcel; practice magic.

I made a beautifully carved amulet from the bone that I found.

m-us m-us dêês-i osþ-ôsïo mhéng-ë-vi sîîm-aþo mââj-om per sîîm-a. find-REL beauty-EPEN-ADV carve-

4. sorcerer/wizard/magician/shaman = mââjus; I will
separate "shaman" from this group later.

Conculture Note: Before the Great Sundering only the mages, the
first created, the Children of Air, had access to magic.  After the
Great Sundering, other loquent peoples began to dabble in magic in
the form of the Black Arts.  These are the sorcerers, wizards and
magicians.  (We're not talking about sleight-of-hand here.)  Thus a
sorcerer, by definition, cannot bless.

Mage = sêfdzus < sêfdza, to use magic energy.

That mage usually blesses our charms for us.

sêfdz-us n-us-ë süééðmh-ë-vi mh-úm o mh-úm-ë mââj-on suslhêl-a. usual-EPEN-ADV to
EPEN bless-IND

5. magic (n) = mââjos (black magic); sêfdzas (white magic)

This charm was made with magic.

sém-us maaj-âsïo mhééla mââj-om d-om per mhêrdz-a. with PAST.PART make-

This magically blessed charm is powerful.

mááj-vi suslhêl-aþo mââj-os d-os tsêxr-os ês-a.

magic-ADV bless-PAT.PART be-

6. rite / ritual / ceremony = ôôros < ôôra, to pronounce a ritual

She curses them every day (with a ritual).

n-ús-ë sol-ámrë-vi oor-ôsïo mhééla n-on qlâg-a. every-day-ADV with curse-

7. chant = cânos < câna, to chant

She is a sorceress, and she usually chants magical words.

íí-n-us ii-mââj-us ês-a, cái íí-n-us-ë süééðmh-ë-vi mââjo mêr-on cân-
a. be-IND and FEM.PRE-that- usual-EPEN-ADV magic chant-IND

8. bestow = aûta, t.v. give away, dispose of, confer, bestow (on,
éna), dispense.

This charm bestows happiness.

mââj-os d-ós-ë susvâqt-am aût-a. bestow-IND

9. amazing < ðâva, amaze, stun, bewilder.

Zaphod says that it is amazingly amazing!

Zâphod-ë n-om ðáv-ë-vi dâv-u êêg-a.

Zaphod-EPEN amaze-EPEN-ADV be.amazed-SUP say-IND

10. prayer =  mêlðos < mêlða: 1) t.v. pray, intercede (for, jho);
beseech. 2) i.v. beg, entreat, implore, appeal to, adjure,
intercede; pray.

Prayer is powerful magic.

mêlð-os tsêxra sêfdz-as ês-a. powerful be-IND

squeeze for = ûba, 1) t.v. push (down), press (down), squeeze,
squash, strain, extrude; stamp; dun; depress, repress, suppress,
stress, put down 2) i.v. press (on).

for = genitive case