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OT: New lingua franca upsets French

From:Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...>
Date:Monday, January 26, 2009, 0:52

Complete article at link.

A few excerpts:

That the French resent the global supremacy of the English language is nothing new,
but as Hugh Schofield finds out, a newly evolved business-speak version is
taking over.


In a meeting with colleagues from around the world, including an Englishman, a
Korean and a Brazilian, he noticed that he and the other non-native English
speakers were communicating in a form of English that was completely
comprehensible to them, but which left the Englishman nonplussed.

He, Jean-Paul Nerriere, could talk to the Korean and the Brazilian in this
neo-language, and they could understand each other perfectly.

But the Englishman was left out because his language was too subtle, too full of
meaning that could not be grasped by the others.

In other words, Monsieur Nerriere concluded, a new form of English is developing
around the world, used by people for whom it is their second language.

It may not be the most beautiful of tongues, but in this day and age he says it
is indispensible. He calls the language Globish and urges everyone - above all
the French - to learn it tout de suite.


Many in France consider Monsieur Nerriere a traitor for promoting the dreaded
Anglais, but he insists he is not.

He says the French have to recognise that the language war is lost.

"We're just urinating on the ashes of the fire," he says.



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