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R: quo meridies ivit?

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 19, 2000, 16:47
> Just a question about the fate of the Latin words for south, east, north
> west (meridies, oriens, septentriones, occidens). Where did they go? The > modern romance names are: > > French: sud, est, nord, ouest > Italian: sud, est, nord, ovest
Italian has even 'settentrione, meridione, oriente, occidente' and to say northern, southern, eastern and western you have to say 'settentrionale, meridionale, orientale, occidentale', or do as in a quite famous joke: 'il nord ai nordici, il sud ai sudici' (nordici meaning 'northern ones', sudici 'grimy ones'!)
> PS, I recently updated the Kansú page:
> There's more background info and a short vocabulary list. > > ------------------------------------------------------------- > Lo deu nu preca êl'aisún necoui. God prays at noone's altar. > > Dan Jones: > ------------------------------------------------------------- >