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Shopping in Rihana

From:John Leland <leland@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 10, 2003, 21:05
I have had this sitting around w while as I tried to move the list from my
home to my office.  I believe I am on the verge of succeeding in that.
As before * indicates words created for this exercise.
Have you ever seen anything so tacky?
Helewa-me febaka-fe fugehi-ha wicho-hi?
Whattime-in you (m/f)-pl. very clumsy thing saw-query

Who would wear that?
Helebaka-fe se ha *batejo-hi?
Who (m/f)-pl. this thing wear-query?

One size fits all.
By joha fugefe-deke ju batejo-vi
One form all-for skillfully wear-will

Do you have it in XXXXXLG?
Feba se ha fugefi joha-me febo-mi-hi?
You (sing/m) this thing very large form-in bringing-query?

Ma'am/Sir that isn't going to fit.
Tifeka/Tifeba, se ha fugehu batejo-vi.
You (high/f/sing)/(high/m/sing) this thing very badly wear-will

Oh sir/ma'am, that is so YOU!
Tifeba/Tifeka se ha fugefu tifeba/tifeka!
You (high/m/sing/high/f/sing) this thing very greatly you

Come on, you can give me a better price than that!
Nifeba, tiseba-be fugedi vela nu ko-ji-bi!
Low you (m/sing), high/m/sing me-humbly-to very small price humbly

Ky myha-fe vela-ke ko-vi,* gehe here Zatona-ye jejoha-je ly myha-fe