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lablang or engelang

From:Mike S. <mcslason@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 15, 2002, 3:27
I allowed myself to be drawn into the eng/lab-lang thing. What a frustrating
exercise trying to coin this one word.

A quick tour through the thesaurus allowed yours truly to net a few more useless fish:

arc(h)lang - architectured lang.
analang - analytical language
betalang - a language ready for field trials?
designerlang - self-explan.
intlang - intelligently (or intellectual) constructed lang
reglang - language regularized according to small number of principles
protolang - a prototype lang
ratlang - rationalistic language.  This one's dead at the gate.
scilang - scientifically constructed lang.
syslang - systematicized lang
techlang/teklang - technically constructed lang

Apologies in advance if someone already said these.

Funny how there are several hundred people on this group who can construct whole
languages but seems currently we are unable to construct one word.

I think lablang or engelang will have to be it.  Can the latter be enjlang?


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