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Re: colors in kinsi rorotan

From:Paul Bennett <paul.bennett@...>
Date:Friday, November 1, 2002, 20:04
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 From: Robert B Wilson <han_solo55@...>

> i've just come up with a color system for kinsi > rorotan. the numbers are base-8 and the > wavelengths are in _zenvakim_ (if my calculations > are correct...) (_zakim_ * 8^-9, 1 zaki=.49m).
Cool. Very interesting-looking. If I only could read frequencies in a foreign measurement system. I'm kinda toying with an idea that involves translating between spectral power distributions and regualr ol' RGB tuples. You sound like someone who could help. (FWIW, I'm gathering data over time, and FFT-ing it, and want to represent the FFT as a single block of color instead of a bunch of vertical lines -- i.e. rapidly-changing data appears red, slowly-changing data appears blue and randomly-changing data appears kinda gray-ish) I know (or think) you can multiply n frequencies ( in a 1-by-n matrix) by an n-by-3 matrix and end up with a 1-by-3 matrix of RGB values. Trouble is, I have no idea of a perceptually useful value for n (I've heard 31, but not sure why), and even less idea what the values within the matrix actually ought to be. I've gotten this far by Google and liberal application of basic principles. I wonder if you have some hard data (or something) that could help fill in my blanks. Thanks, Paul Bennett Conlang lurker and general-purpose tinkerer.