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Odp: sara + la(h)e

From:lucasso <lucasso@...>
Date:Friday, November 27, 1998, 15:51
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Od: Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...>
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Data: 26 listopada 1998 18:30
Temat: sara + la(h)e

>lucasso wrote: >>but the main problem is language now >>(wat doo ya think is betta: >>if 'sara' is white and 'la(h)e' is see, then white sea should be >>sarala'(h)e >>or la'sara >>first one is more ligical, second is more unfamiliar >>such problems kills my conlanging :) ) > >I'd stick to the rules that are dictated in the language; e.g., head >initial vs. head last modifiers, and the phonological rules. Don't >get too concerned with what is logical to _you_, but stick to what >is logical to the _language_. Many here on CONLANG-L has suggested >that you develop a "native speaker" intuition with regards to your >conlang. I wholeheartedly agree... >
sarala'(h)e was first, but i don't want my language to be similar to eurolangs, i rather want it to be strange, that make its users thinking i= n maximal different way than us, i'm now tried to put all together and put = it in the web, but now my lang have much lack of precision and i wonder if i= t isn't too unprecise... after japanese learning i've found that sing-plural distinction may be no= t important...