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Re: Mixed writing systems

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Sunday, November 3, 2002, 2:55
On Sat, 2 Nov 2002 15:32:49 +0800 Florian Rivoal <florian@...>
> coming back to manga, i have seen some rather exotic uses. Take this > one for example. A pilot said (writen with kanji AND hiragana) > "wakatta" (i got it/understood). This sentence carried furigana in > katakana saying :"rojaa" which a phonetic transcription of the > english "roger".
- I remember seeing something on the web about a conlang that was invented for a manga. Whenever a word in the conlang was used (usually for alien technology), it was written in kanji, with furigana over it. The furigana was the word in the conlang, and the kanji gave you an idea of what it meant. Unfortunately i can't remember what the conlang or the manga was called... i do remember that the conlang used a very non-Japanese phonology, though. -Stephen (Steg) "yaldi hatov veharakh, al tira ve'al tifhhad..." ~ yokheved, _prince of egypt_


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Nik Taylor <yonjuuni@...>