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Re: PHONO: unvoiced schwa

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Sunday, February 16, 2003, 11:53
--- In, J Y S Czhang <czhang23@A...> wrote:
 >     I am suddenly curious about unvoiced schwa... as you may see from the
 > email dialogue betwixt _moi_ and Christophe "Maggelity" Grandsire:
 > CG >> >Unvoiced schwa then ;))) (a cool sound by the way ;) ).
 > >
 > HZ >>     What's the IPA/X-SAMPA???
 > >
 > CG >[@_0]. Looks like a smiley ;))) .
 > HZ >>     Hmm, any languages with it?
 > >
 > CG >I think some Native American languages do. They are good at voiceless
 > >vowels :)) .
 > HZ  Intriguing. How are they articulated/produced 0_o?
 > CG >They are often called "murmured vowels", and that's exactly the
 > >When you murmur, you naturally pronounce unvoiced vowels. Just
murmur a schwa
 > >and you have it (and it indeed sounds very much like [h] :) ).
 > HZ  I like this _megatem_ - esp'ly as I like the idea of schwa and
/h/ being
 > phonologically linked. I will add this as a schwa option in g0miileg0!!!!

Obrenje devoices its schwas after voiceless consonants!  =)
PhoneTically, it turns into aspiration after stops, or just
merges with the previous sound after non-stops (which can
yield syllabic consonants as in |tse| [tS=]).

|tae|   /ta.e/   [ta:]
|tane|  /  [ta:n]
|tanne| / [tan.n@]
|tade|  /  [ta:.d@]
|tadde| / [tad.d@]
|tase|  /  [ta:S]
|tasse| / [taS.S=]
|tate|  /ta.te/  [ta:t_h]
|tatte| /tat.te/ [tat_h]

Poor Obrenje...  I haven't given it a thought for ages with
Jovian and Oro Mpaa on my mind...

-- Christian Thalmann