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Re: Phonology drift

From:John Vertical <johnvertical@...>
Date:Monday, November 27, 2006, 11:23
> >So the change relevant to your confusion would be > >b d J\ > B z j\ / ?_ > >and I might actually do the same before other voiceless plosivs, too, as >the > >smaller details are still up for tweaking. > >?_ strikes me as an odd environment to lenite stops to fricatives in -- I >don't know about _pre_glottalized fricatives per se, but glottalized >fricatives are a rarity.
Fair point ... Another alternativ would be directly leniting the ejectivs. And since ejectiv fricativs, even unvoiced ones, *are* pretty marked, they could then proceed to decay to voiced sounds directly. Does that sound any better? (Actually, how do glottalized > voiced shifts proceed typically, anyway? Does it go along linear laryngeal laxing of glottalized > tense > modal, or is there a glottal stop + voiced sound intermediate?)
>Given the inventory you started with I'd find a chain shift more likely: >nonglottalized b d J\ > B z j\ (perhaps even for greater distinctness from >the preglottalized series), and then b' d' J\' lose their glottalization. >That would also help explain the later J\ > t' : perhaps the >glottalization didn't quite disappear on J\. > >Alex
But having t' k' originate from different series is half the fun... One, albeit contrived, possibility is 1) voiced > brethy, 2) eject. > voiced, 3) voiced > fric, 4) brethy > voiced? The first two steps would be shared with yet another branch, but the last feels a bit too back-and-forthy... Also, as interesting this is, can I however attempt to revert your attention back to the 2nd phase in the original plan? The 2nd chain POA shift of alv/pal > dnt/alv, for example... John Vertical _________________________________________________________________ Nyt löydät etsimäsi tiedot nopeasti niin koneeltasi kuin netistä.