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Judean Romancelang Plans

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Friday, January 22, 1999, 1:03
I've been thinking about this Judean romancelang idea, and here's so far
what i've come up with:

If i remember correctly, Latin has no definite or indefinite articles,
So, the articles would be imported from Hebrew and Aramaic.
"a" = _hhad_ /Had/ (i don't know how it'd be represented in roman letters
yet), placed after the noun.
"the" = _ha-_ attached to the front of the noun.

Possesive adjectives would be attached to the end of the noun, like in
The Hebrew/Aramaic rule of _bege"d kefe"t_ would be extended to all
plosives in the language.  Meaning, the sounds /b/, /g/, /d/, /k/, /p/,
/t/, would become allophones of /B/, /G/, /z/, /x/, /P/, /s/,
respectively.  The plosive would be at the beginning of words and after
short vowels; the fricative would be in the middle and end of words after
long vowels, as well as at the beginning of a word when the previous word
ended in a long vowel.

According to a website, Latin {v} was pronounced /w/.  That would become
the two allophones /f/ and /v/, although i'm not sure if that should work
along the same principles as the beged-kefet consonants above, or by some
other system, such as whether the sounds around it are vowels or
consonants, voiced or unvoiced.

Latin {qu} would become the Semitic sound /q/.

And possibly, a shift in the sibilants from /s/ to /S/, and from /z/ to
I'm not sure how {j} was pronounced in Latin, but it would be /j/ in

The language would be able to be written in the Latin alphabet and in the
Hebrew alphabet.  In general, right-handed people would primarily use the
Latin alphabet, and left-handed people would use the Hebrew one (in order
not to smudge the ink).  However, it would also be common to write in the
Greek "boustrophedon" style, where each successive line is written
right>>left and then left>>right, except here it would be written in a
different alphabet, and not just by flipping the letters around.

So, in order to start working on it i need a little help.  I could not
find *any* website that described the phonology of Latin, besides that
{v} was pronounced /w/.  So, if someone could explain to me how it worked
i'd be very appreciative.
Also, in order to test out this system, i'd like to know how to say
"Judean" in Latin, so that i can mutate it into the name of the conlang

Thanks.  Any comments? questions? condemnations?

-Stephen (Steg)

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