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Gz^rod|in (Some grammar now)

From:Adrian Morgan <morg0072@...>
Date:Sunday, March 12, 2000, 0:46
My previous question about character representation
in this medium still needs a verdict, but it should
be possible to discuss _some_ grammar, at least, in
the meantime.

I have defined four genders, called Feminine,
Masculine, Living and Inert. Alternatives for the
last two would be more than welcome. Here are the

Inert entities are things like rocks.

Living entities might be:
- living things neither (specified as) male or
- dead things if the biological status is important,
  e.g. carcass would be living but steak inert;
- groups of living things;
- words relating to _time_ such as Present or
- Abstract nouns derived from verbs.

Feminine and Masculine entities may be:
- literally male or female;
- groups of men or women if the sexual exclusiveness
  is an attribute not a statistic;
- nouns relating to _past_ are masculine, e.g.
  history, yesterday, ruin
- nouns relating to _future_ are feminine, e.g.
  hope, devastation, tomorrow;
- a masculine abstact noun derived from a verb
  indicates commencement, e.g. masculine
  _The go(ing)_ means, the leaving;
- a feminine abstract noun derived from a verb
  indicates completion, e.g. feminine _The
  go(ing)_ means, the arriving.