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New changes...

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 4, 2000, 13:09
I've been thinking about the sound of Saalangal recently, and I decided to
add a new sound into it, as well as adding a dialectal variation to the

The new sound is ch, as in "church". I will represent it the way it is
done in English, for convenience. However, for the script, i will need to
add a new character.

For the Dialectal variation, I decided that, now the villages in the lake
region of the island will have a different dialect of Saalangal than their
neighbors to the south.

I'm not sure if these are plausible changes or not (well except the
first). So, correct me if it's not very plausible. I'm only thinking maybe
three changes, two in the vowels and one in the consonants.

o > u in final position
a > e in unstressed syllables, also if two a's are together, and neither
are stressed, only the second changes (see Saalángal below)
p > b in final position

Just those few changes.

Anyway, sample words (first the Saalangal, then the northern dialect):

- ngo - ngu
- haráyan - heráyen
- hándap - hándeb
- Saalángal - Sealángel

Note: If i do decide on these changes, I am NOT supplying them in the
dictionary  =).

Barry Garcia.
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