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Idea for a new ASCII-IPA scheme

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Thursday, June 24, 1999, 5:13
I've been dissatisfied with the existing ASCII-IPA schemes; they each =
some unpleasant features and inconvenient omissions. Real IPA is =
in Unicode, but selecting each character from the symbol menu in Word is =
bit tedious, and not everyone has the appropriate fonts even if they can
read Unicode text. I've been trying to come up with a modification of one
or the other of the ASCII-IPA schemes that fills the gaps in the latest
(1996) IPA chart. (See

Here's my latest attempt; it started out something like SAMPA, but ended =
somewhat easier to use and more logical. In most cases, " indicates a
modification of the basic letter, and * stands for a letter that is =
180 degrees. Some of the capital letters still have their SAMPA values, =
there are some significant exceptions. Diacritics are generally indicated
by a ^ (for diacritics above the letter or superscripts) or a _ (for
diacritics below the letter).

Consonants (pulmonic)
bilab. lbdnt. dent.  alv. postalv. retr.  palat. velar  uvul. pharyn. =
p  b                 t  d          t. d.  c  J   k  g   q  Q          ?
   m      M             n             n.     n"     N      N"
   B"                   r                                  R
                        r"            r.
P  B   f  v   T  D   s  z   S  Z   s. z.  C  j"  x  G   X  R"  H  9   h  =
                     l" Z"
          v"            r*            r*.    j      w"
                        l             l.     L      L"

W      voiceless labial-velar fricative
w      voiced labial-velar approximant
y"     voiced labial-palatal approximant
H"     voiceless epiglottal frictative
9-     voiced epiglottal fricative
?-     epiglottal plosive
c" z"  alveolo-palatal fricatives
l*     alveolar lateral flap
S"     simultaneous S and x
kp)    double articulations
ts)    affricates

p!            T!     t! tl!               c!                   clicks
   b`                   d`                   J`     g`     Q`  vcd.
p`                   t` s`                       k`            ejectives

Vowels   Front     Central    Back
Close    i  y       i- u-     u" u
              I  Y          U
Close-mid   e  %      e" o-   o" o
Open-mid       E  $    E* E"  V  O
                &        a*
Open              a  $"       A  A*

'      primary stress
,      secondary stress
:      long
;      half-long
(      extra-short
[ ]    syllable break (i.e., a space between syllables)
|      minor (foot) group
#      major (intonation) group
=3D      linking (absence of a break)
5      extra high
4      high
3      mid
2      low
1      extra low
-      downstep
+      upstep
24     rising
42     falling
++     global rise
--     global fall

_o     voiceless          _"     breathy voiced     _D     dental
_v     voiced             _~     creaky voiced      _A     apical
^h     aspirated          _m     linguolabial       _L     laminal
_)     more rounded       ^w     labialized         ~      nasalized
_(     less rounded       ^j     palatalized        ^n     nasal release
_+     advanced           ^G     velarized          ^l     lateral =
_-     retracted          ^9     pharyngealized     ^7     no audible
^"     centralized        ^~     velarized or pharyngealized
^x     mid-centralized    _^     raised
_|     syllabic           _T     lowered
_n     non-syllabic       _<     advanced tongue root
^r     rhoticity          _>     retracted tongue root

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