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Re: Personal Conjugation based on Closeness

From:BP Jonsson <bpj@...>
Date:Friday, April 4, 2003, 10:18
At 16:49 2.4.2003 -0500, Jake X wrote:
>No, I say [m&/n]. (You use / for glides to schwa right? I was never clear >on that.)
No you use [@] (schwa) for glides on schwa. The forward slash isn't used as a phone*ic symbol in X-SAMPA since it is preempted by the use of it to mark phonemic transcription. / B.Philip Jonsson B^) -- (delete X!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ No man forgets his original trade: the rights of nations and of kings sink into questions of grammar, if grammarians discuss them. -Dr. Samuel Johnson (1707 - 1784)