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Re: OT: reality (wasRe: Atlantean)

From:Andreas Johansson <andjo@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 13, 2004, 17:02
Quoting Axiem <axiem@...>:

> > PS Why doesn't there seem to be any feminists on the list? Despite the > > disagreements we have on everything from Tagalog grammar to the existence > of > > Arhats, one can apparently refer to God with masculine pronouns here > without > > drawing any flak whatsoever. > > I'm not particularly feminist, mostly because I disagree with the name. > However, I do believe in the equality of the sexes.
I didn't intend this to degenerate into a serious discussion; had I, I hadn't unqualified used the word 'feminist', which is used with a rather large range of meanings. Some use it to mean merely anyone who thinks that the sexes should, unless there are specific very good reasons for an exception, have the same rights and obligations, which I rather dislike, because it suggests I'm one. I, however, tend to restrict it to people who believe in various sociological theories who hold that (Western) society is built more or less purposely to repress women, and that sex-based discrimination of any kind is inherently bad. (That the same people with well above average frequency are misandrists, if that's a word, is illogical, but not really surprising.) Andreas


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