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Next Bay Area Conlang meetup: Oct 14th

From:Sai Emrys <sai@...>
Date:Monday, August 14, 2006, 6:26
[BCCed to the meetup email list; email me if you want to be on it and
aren't already]

When: 2nd Saturday every other month (next: Oct 14th '06)
Time: 2pm
Place: A park within walking distance of BART (potluck!) - probably
Berkeley BART, maybe Lake Merritt (TBD)

Bring with you:
* picnic blankets
* food and/or drink
* 5 sentences in a conlang (or toylang), translated into English
 - minimally complex, but enough to show off one aspect of the language
 - ... and be enough that, with those 5 sentences, others can recreate
the grammar in question (e.g. tense - I ate the dog, I will eat the
dog, I am eating the dog at the very moment, I am eating the dog but
not right this second because right this second I'm talking but
generally speaking I'm in the middle of it, ...)

This time, we had: me, Doug, Gabe, John Q, Kelly, Kode', Kirk, &
Leland. And plenty of good Indian food - yum! - and likewise tasty
conversation. If you weren't there - you missed out, so show up next
time damnit. :-)

 - Sai