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Re: Sounds like...

From:John Fisher <john@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 18, 1998, 22:35
And the answer is:

   clasant         red
   sharf           black
   sayl            white
   plenin          yellow
   sint            blue
   murud           brown
   lath            green
   celif           pink
   yev             blue/green
   sharday         purple

And here are the numbers people got right:

Frank Valoczy         1
Herman Miller         4
Matt Pearson          5
Josh Roth             2
Oliver Cromm          1
Eric Christopherson   2
Joshua Shinavier      2
Garrett Jones         4
Taliesin              0
Christophe Grandsire  1
Ray Brown             1
Mean:                 2.08

Hm.  I haven't the maths but I suspect that isn't any better
than chance.  I'll ask someone.  But probably there isn't
enough data, that's what they generally say...

Here are the numbers right for the colours (max=11):

clasant=red:         3
sharf=black:         4
sayl=white:          0
plenin=yellow:       1
sint=blue:           2
murud=brown:         7
lath=green:          0
celif=pink:          1
yev=blue/green:      1
sharday=purple:      4

"Murud=brown" seems to have struck a chord, but apart from that
just like the Tokana results, one person's yellow is another
person's red...

John Fisher
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