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Re: Sounds like...

From:JOEL MATTHEW PEARSON <mpearson@...>
Date:Thursday, November 19, 1998, 0:51
On Thu, 19 Nov 1998, Kristian Jensen wrote:

> John Fisher wrote: > >"Murud=brown" seems to have struck a chord, but apart from that > >just like the Tokana results, one person's yellow is another > >person's red... > > > "murud" sounds like mud. I guess that's why...
Myself, I associate rounded vowels with dark colours and unrounded vowels with light (or bright) colours. Hence, in Tokana: Rounded vowels: kote black lohne brown kulhe green lune blue Unrounded vowels: has white sane red laite yellow hiem pale grey The only exception to this pattern is "hemak" which denotes a dark colour but has no rounded vowels in it. "Hemak" is a dark grey colour, the colour of wet sand or thunderclouds. Appropos of nothing, colour words in Tokana are not adjectives or stative verbs, but nouns denoting objects. E.g., "has" does not mean "white" or even "the colour white", but "white object". Colour terms can thus be used referentially: Te has lhon peso the:Abs white-object there pick-up-Imp "Pick up that white thing over there" "White house" would be "katia has", literally "house which is a white thing". One way to think of this is that the Tokana perceive colours not as abstract properties which an object may or may not have, but as ways of characterising an object (if that distinction makes any sense). To name the colours themselves, you have to form a compound using the word "nalei", which means "colour" or "hue" (or "paint"). Hence, the colour white as a concept would be referred to as "te nalei has", literally "the colour of white things". :-) Alternatively, you apply reduplication to "has", you get "hahas", which means "the set of all white things" (reduplication is used to form abstract generic nouns referring to classes of objects). "Hahas" can be thought of as naming the extensional meaning of "white" - viz. the intersection of all objects which are white. :-) Matt.