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Re: Sounds like...

From:JOEL MATTHEW PEARSON <mpearson@...>
Date:Thursday, November 19, 1998, 19:13
On Thu, 19 Nov 1998, Oliver Cromm wrote, about Elet Anta colour terms:

> clasant sounds soft, other than most of your colour terms, so I chose pink here. > Maybe also "pleasant" is an influence. sharday has probably the wine > association mentioned (Chardonnay).
On the contrary, I think "clasant" sounds rather harsh and blaring, like a trumpet. Perfect for a hot colour. Which is why I chose red - correctly, it turns out. I guess John Fisher and I think alike in this respect. But I agree about the "sharday" - Chardonnay connection. Hadn't thought of that one, but it might have influenced my choice subconsciously (even though Chardonnay is a white wine rather than a red wine...). Matt.