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Re: Sounds like...

From:Raymond A. Brown <raybrown@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 18, 1998, 19:29
At 12:32 am +0000 18/11/98, John Fisher wrote:
>Like other people, I guess, I think that the words I choose in some way >"sound like" their meaning. Probably this is nonsense,
Surely not ;)
>but here's a small test... > >These are all colour words. > > clasant sayl sint lath yev > sharf plenin murud celif sharday > >Here are the meanings (mixed up). Which goes with which? > > yellow black green blue-green purple > white brown pink red blue
I've deliberately not looked at the other answers - they're probably wrong, anyway :) It's obvious, ain't it? clasant - pink sayl - brown sint - blue-green lath - red yev - white sharf - blue plenin - green murud - black celif - yellow sharday - purple Ray.