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Re: Sounds like...

From:Matt Pearson <mpearson@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 18, 1998, 4:59
Here are my guesses, together with the half-facetious, half-serious
reasons for my choices:

clasant         red  (has a bold, vibrant sound)
sharf           black  (has a brutal sound)
sayl            yellow  (has a sallow sound)
plenin          green  (has a sensible sound)
sint            blue-green  (has a 'scintillating' sound)
murud           brown  (has an earthy sound)
lath            blue  (has a comforting sound)
celif           pink  (has a coy sound)
yev             white  (has a no-nonsense sound)
sharday         purple  (has a whimsical sound)

Here's my counter-challenge:  Do the same with the Tokana colour
words given below.  (To those who have copies of the Tokana-to-English
dictionary, no fair cheating!)

has             brown
kulhe           blue
kote            light grey, blue-grey
sane            yellow
lohne           green
hemak           black
lune            dark grey
laite           red
hiem            white

No words for pink or purple...


Matt Pearson
UCLA Linguistics Department
405 Hilgard Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1543