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Re: Lilipu: The Bonsai Language

From:Amanda Babcock <ababcock@...>
Date:Monday, January 5, 2004, 22:30
alala yialacli alita, everyone!  (Happy New Year.)

I've lost the attribution for this:

> >(Like a flower > >Born again > >Each morning > >Between the sky > >And the sea > >Oh my country!)
...but here it is in merechi. luthiki na-torap'n miri yiskesi selityadi, kuebatra te lielutra, alala vielu'ae! 'luTiki nato'rApn= 'miri 'jiskEsi se'litijadi ku'EbAtrA te liE'lutrA, A'lAlA viE'lu ?aj luthi -ki flower ADJ'R flower -like na- tora -p -n miri NOM'R begin IMP 3P.SG.INAN again which begins again yiskes -i selitya -di every ADJ'R day at ever day kueba -tra sky between te liel -u -tra CONJ water AUG between and ocean between alala viel -u -ae behold city AUG 1P.POSS behold country mine Now in Toma Heylm: Herimel sil melya sayot myel tamre uyagara, tom yurale, sen yufilim - drid relyek tomoka efim. A flower that again is born at every dawning, beneath the air, above the water - so appears my country. Herimel flower sil melya sayot REL again be-born.f myel tamre uy- agara at all/every LOC dawn tom yu- rale under LOC air sen yu- filim over LOC water drid relyek tomoka efim thus appear.m country 1P.POSS Amanda