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Weekly Vocab.29 in Kash

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Thursday, December 4, 2003, 6:59
I'm late, I'm late............due to the devilish difficulty of some of the
items.  I don't like to go to the Well of Words too often, especially when
there are existing words that can be tinkered with, though not always-- as
we see-- satisfactorily..

1. to calculate -- hambokambos -- temporizing, a redup. of hambos 'to add'
As a magistrate, I must calculate the amount of surplus food the area
Ombi male temandri omer, macayi hambokamos atambatni andahan laprit re
irumunjuk ri hutuñ yu.
because I-am chief-priest law, I-must ..... quantity-its food extra REL
they-caus.-grow LOC area that

Also possible:  mam temandri omer cayi hambokambos...
I(emph.) ...... ..... (0 subject pfx.)must.....   There's no good way to say
"as...." as used in the sentence, one must paraphrase, 'since I am...' etc.

"temandri omer" may be a little fancy for a local magistrate, but we don't
have the hierarchy worked out.

2. waste -- hukop-ulop -- temporizing again, compd of 'throw away' and
'spill'; tarumit 'un-use' would perhaps be another possibility
Food waste is dreadfully common.
hukop-ulop andahan, andulañi cakasamar
..... food, unfortunately ACCID-common
(andulañi < añ- nomlizer + nulañ 'sad' + -ni 'of it')
(cakasamar is an exact translation, but not quite right :-( as it refers
more to "commonness" = tacky or low-class.....
a better derivation would be from 'frequent/often'-- so cakanunu, but I'm
not sure you can make a caka-form from an adverb..........)

3. to regulate -- rungoram 'to manage, drive, control', caus. of koram 'to
move' -- not totally apt :-((
The govt. must therefore regulate sales and supply.
aloni vetrita yacayi rungoram andahan liri atoroñi atambatni
therefore govt it-must concerning sale-its quantity-it
(atambat isn't quite right for 'supply', either.........)

4. famine -- cacarandak
Only these laws stave off famine
napo-naponi omer taç ipole rundaritan cacarandak
only2 law this-pl 3pl-can stave off/prevent  famine
(rundaritan = caus. of taritan 'absent' [lit. not-here] NEW)

5. control -- rungoram (vb)
Farmers don't like this level of control
sambat rungoram sañ, ta (ya)rumbinda kepriyole
so-much control thus [topic], not (it)make-happy farmer-pl-dat

6. spade -- tafak 'shovel in genl.'
They might revolt with spades and pitchforks
kunak i........ umit tafak tricik
maybe they-[no word, sorry] use spade pitchfork
("revolt" requires thought; see also #8)

7. to quake-- cakatirak 'terrified' (not quite, I know) or, more culturally
appropriate, cakaningar ecut+poss. 'make one's fur stand up (in a bad way)'
I'm quaking in my boots. [Kash don't usually wear boots]
cakaningar ecutmi!
ACCID-stand-on-end fur-my

8. fortress -- puna layar, lit. house tower
If they do revolt, they shall never take the fortress.
kendi i-REVOLT kundrini, kendi talunda tak i-TAKE puna layar yu (or, tayu)
IF they..... in fact, THEN never not they-..... fortress that (or, this)
correct structure even without the right verbs.

9. omitted.*

10. day -- lero (neuter); lero (anim.) means 'sun'
That would just ruin my day.
leroni caçákrumbo ombiyu
day-def. ACCID-destroy-just because(of)-that

*Most military/martial terminology is archaic in Kash, since they have not
had a serious conflict in about 1000 years.