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Re: Conciliatory moves over Easter

From:Adrian Morgan <morg0072@...>
Date:Sunday, April 30, 2000, 4:22
yl-ruil wrote, quoting Raymond Brown:

> So I try to respect other people's religions and, > following the exhotation of Paul, to be all things > to all people. > > Ah, isn't there a phrase that it's impossible to be > all things to all people.
Yes but it doesn't mean the same thing :-) In ancient times religion was a very nationalistic thing - people worshipped the gods so that their nation would be favoured over others, and the nature of worship was intimately tied to culture. Into this world Christianity came, and one of its basic tenents was and is that religion is _not_ a question of culture, that it _transcends_ culture, that no culture is favoured by God. St Paul is saying that we should demonstrate our acceptance of other cultures when we interact with them, and thus affirm this basic Christian teaching. Concerning paganism and Christianity and so on ... I'm very aware of many issues because, myself a Christian, I have one _very_ deep friendship in particular with a wiccan, and we regularly talk theology. Although I talk about the deepest aspects of my faith, it's very rare indeed that we disagree on anything - emphatic confirmation is the usual pattern of our discussions. Whenever I quote the Bible, "I love that one!" is typical of her response. Now, pagans are a diverse bunch and she's _very_ much on the border of Christianity, and thus not representative of paganism as a group (yeah, I know perfectly well there is no such thing as a typical pagan) ... Anyway, there's a lot I could say on the subject - I'd be willing to do so in email. Adrian.