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Lake Phonology (or what I have so far of it anyway)

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Monday, June 3, 2002, 9:06
The phonetic theory of Lake sylllables (and this could apply to Tech -- note
that the languages are NOT related) is based on a set of paradigms:

This is the first part

A-D: Consonants (initials)
Paradigm A: voiceless-voiceless aspirate-voiced.
Paradigm B: oral stop-nasal-fricative/continuant.
Paradigm C: non sibilant-sibilant
Paradigm D:
if C = 0 then labial-dental-velar-uvular
if C = 1 then alveolar-palatal-retroflex-lateral (order may be changed)

What I want is a script that reflects a series of binary/trinary/quarternary
"switches" that determine phonetic value, and the whole set of paradigms
extends throughout the syllable: initial consonants, medial vowels (possibly
+ nasal/aspirate), final tones. Probably one symbol for each component,
making the language an alphabet in effect.

redundant (ri"dVnd@nt): See "redundant".