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proposed conlang database: more changes

From:Garrett Jones <alkaline@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 19, 2002, 16:45

Other changes i have just made:

- in design motivation: i added a numbering system like the vocabulary
source section. I also made a single scifi/fantasy/conculture category with
two sub-categories:

2.1 sci-fi/fantasy/conculture
 2.1.1 human speakable
 2.1.2 alien-speakable only

and i removed "simplified language" from the auxiliary category because that
is classifying the vocab derivation method. Simplified languages are
generally intended to be international languages anyway.

- in vocabulary derivation method: I added a numbering system here two, and
re-organized the system for a posteriori, creating some sub-sub-categories:

1.1 unaltered (grammar modifications only)
1.2 natural evolution (descendent)
1.3 modification
 1.3.1 phonological modification
 1.3.2 simplification
 1.3.3 spelling reform
1.4 blend (words borrowed multiple language sources)
 1.4.1 unaltered borrowing
 1.4.2 phonological filtering
 1.4.3 word blend (words blended from multiple sources)

i created a difference between unaltered borrowing and phonological