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Re: OT: Keyboards (< computer keyboard advertisement mentions Quenya)

Date:Saturday, March 1, 2008, 22:26

> [] On Behalf Of Tristan McLeay
> On 01/03/08 12:44:35, li_sasxsek@NUTTER.NET wrote: > > > I learned to touch type about a year or two after getting into > > computers. I still curse the newer GUI-based platforms for
> > that (#*$ing mouse onto me. It's seriously slowed down my
> > to use a computer because I have to remove my hand from the
> > for so many things, then my hand has to find the home spot again
> > go back to typing. Software designers need to make pointing
> > an enhancement to the user interface, not a substitute or > > replacement for the keyboard which is still the preferred method
> > entering data. > > I've seen desktop keyboards with those mini joysticks you get on
> laptops. Perhaps that would be what you want? I imagine they're > generally laptop-quality keyboards though. (I myself have nothing > against mice, as long as they're well-designed.)
My issue is that I just hate the whole point-and-click concept as the primary means of operating something. The little eraserhead things in the keyboard are preffered for laptops because it really annoys me to have the touchpad right where my hands should be resting. Ideally I'd like something more like the flat "joystick" (not really a stick) that my wireless keyboard has.