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Creation Myths

From:wayne chevrier <wachevrier@...>
Date:Saturday, June 2, 2001, 18:46
The other day after reading the list, as I was going home, a poem hit me.
Unfortunately, I only got 14 lines of it, as it is clearly an epic about the
creation of the world. If it belong to anyone's universe, feel free to
finish it.

1  At the other end of time,
2  at the setting of the Great Enemy,
3  he whose light is as to the Enemy
4  as the Enemy's light is to the Guides.
5  The Gods came out into the sheltering dark
6  out from the Deepest Delvings from the Elder Days.
7  They saw the land blasted,
8  the soil burnt, the plants withered.
9  They saw the pain of the land
10  and resolved to heal it.
11  They saw the land empty
12  and resolved to fill it.
13  This is the story of the rebuilding,
14  the story of how the Gods remade the world.

Notes: The Enemy = the Sun
       The Guides = the Moon and stars

I think the people whose myth this is are non-human and nocturnal, but
that's all I have. I hope the post is of interest to someone.

Wayne Chevrier
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