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Re: Translations: "Happy Holidays" and Language Quotes

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Sunday, December 15, 2002, 16:45
In a message dated 2002/12/13 11.24.35 AM, christophe.grandsire@FREE.FR

>En réponse à J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>: > >> haba numba duo lego, tada haba numba duo menta. >> >> / du.o le.go ta.da du.o men.ta/ >> >> have number two language, ta-da, have number two mind. >> >> "One mind plus one mind equals a Third Mind." - William S. >> Burroughs >> >> solo menta ad solo menta tada Numba Trio Menta. > >I just LOVE the grammaticalisation of "tadaa!". What a neat idea!
::bows with a humble lingua-mangler's grin:: Grazi, CG!!
>Is it just a copula or does it have a special meaning only for this kind of
equations? Hehe, it has 2 major uses in gomilego: 1) _tada_ can mean "then" (as in conclusion to a progressive chronological sequence or the effect, result or condition of some aforementioned state) 2) a nice pidginization of _tota_, "total/totals" Notice the numbering system? Somewhat coopted from musical terminology, calendar months, and geometry, hehe... (of course, I haven't hammered it out into finalized gomilego just yet...) solo, duo, trio, cwad, penta, sex, septa, octa, novem, deca, deca-solo, etc.. My other numbering option is: eno, dui, tri, cwadra, penca, six, septa, octo, nova, deca, deca-eno, etc. Or even go with the International Maritime "SeaSpeak" numbering system... My SeaSpeak resource is packed away right now... Hanuman Zhang WOG (Wiley Oriental Gentleman ;) Avatar of Sun WuKong, a.k.a "Monkey", a.k.a. "the Monkey King," a.k.a. "TricksterGod of the Glorious Anti-Imperialist Chinese Boxers" => om hung hanumatay rudratmakai hung phat <= mantra to Hanuman the Hindu Monkey TricksterGod <= thee prIs ov X.iztenz iz aetern'l warfaer 'N' kreativ playf'llnizz... => ';' <=== ASCII portrait of "Stitch" a.k.a. "Experiment 626" googolgigglabyte goegolgiechelbijt - of - met een vette megagrijns GoogolGekicherByte googolrisibyte ===> el byte de la risita de googol googolrisadinhabyte ===> o byte de risadinha de googol googolspassoctet gugolhihibajt gugolngisibayt okukolkikikol egúgelegigalibaith ikhakpanc'anoonvöl cimacimakekehapi baitakhakhweifayatrauni ufi'auayinisuguguluarkhar pokatra oemadroabhethetre inarevuta yhiyhayhake nawyo va'i utne tuktukt'ishushukuko`g tuk go`go`o`gwgaga