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Re: CHAT: cross-culturation

From:Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...>
Date:Monday, December 3, 2001, 22:50
Roger Mills wrote:
> >Adam Walker wrote: > > > >There is such a thing as turkey ham. It's made from the dark meat and >comes > >in lots of lunch meat packages. > >Right. Also turkey bacon, turkey hotdogs, turkey bratwurst-- apparently >turkey kielbasa too. > > >Check it out next time you're at the supermarket. (I'm speaking to >Americans.) > >I _do_ check very carefully, because <rant> I loathe most of these >products, >and sometimes "turkey" is in rather small print. They are so heavily >processed and chemicalized that they might as well carry the DuPont or Dow >Chemical label. </rant> My dear amusing lesbian friends, who have since >moved away, used to serve these things, since they refused (as they put it) >"to eat anything with breasts". So you never knew quite what you'd get for >dinner at their house. Though I must confess, I scarfed down several turkey >brats without knowing what they were, and their turkey chili was pretty >good. But garlic and lots of spice covers a multitude of sins.
Refused to eat anything with breasts? Leaving the exact definition of "breast" aside, that'd be more or less equivalent to any female mammal. Really weird distinction in this context, if you ask me. Then, I once spent quite a while trying to convince an vegetarian that eating kaviar while refusing to eat eggs or fish was illogical.
>One of the women worked briefly (as an accountant) for a local company >that >produced these turkey products, and the experience pretty much turned her >off the whole idea. Like laws and sausage, you don't want to see them >being >made.
Was it the blood and screams part or the lacking hygiene part that turned her off? Andreas _________________________________________________________________ Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at