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Re: CHAT: cross-culturation

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Monday, December 3, 2001, 20:38 writes:
>although my informant made the comment "it's [just] bread :-)" which >brings up another issue... wouldn't it be expected that any bread made of >wheat would be pretty much the same? so Jewish hhalah and Ukrainian >hhalah-like bread could just be similar by accident. >note: i don't know very much about baking bread
I think so also. Challah doesnt seem to have anything special about it, except maybe being made popular by Ashkenazic Jews? It also seems to have more eggs than other wheat breads. For instance i looked at a recipe for both Challah, and Pandesal (a common bread made by lowlander Filipinos), and the recipes are pretty much the same, except Challah seems to have more eggs, and poppy seeds are added to the top, and Pandesal has oil added instead of butter. So it's not a very exotic bread. _______________________________________ "Peace is not healthy for war and other violent conflicts. We who can kick the shit out of others must now bring the pain upon our enemies" - Me


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