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Latina Albana

From:Peter Bleackley <peter.bleackley@...>
Date:Friday, October 28, 2005, 10:16
I had an idea for a language that possibly fits into the League of Lost
Languages scheme of things. The idea is that it's descended from a form of
Latin that diverged from Roman Latin at the time of the early Republic, or
even during the Kingdom. I've provisionally identified it with Alba Longa,
of which Rome was originally a colony, hence the name Latina Albana. So far
I've worked out its alphabet, which diverges only slightly from Latin as we
know it.

A [a]
B [b]
C [g] - NOT [k]
D [d]
E [e]
F [f]
Z [dz)] - this letter is rare, and only used in Greek loan words.
H [h]
I [i] or [j]
K [k] - used whenever Latin would use C
L [l]
M [m]
N [n]
O [o]
P [p]
Q [k_w] - the following U of Latin is not used in Latina Albana.
R [r] - or whatever the early Latin rhotic was.
S [s]
T [t]
U [u] or [w]
X [k_h] or [ks], rather variably, due to confusion between the Greek
letters chi [k_h] and xi [ks]
Y [y] - only in Greek loan words.

Any thoughts?