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Rihana: Hetiha-ye Diha-fe 5-6A

From:John Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 1, 2004, 21:23
This has been delayed because of a series of three technical errors on my
part in sending it.
Hence it has accumulated a backlog.
John Leland
 Zalibate Hemanathe-ye tiba jo-si--ve fugefe hetiba-fe varo:
 Redcoat Desertedge's lord is made-after many freemen said:
 feseba hetiha-deke wiwobo, he by ba tiba jo-gi. Se kere
 we freedom-for fought,not one man lord make-to. This from
 hetiba-fe Zalibate-be he vinino, sepe fitisa-fe-me fo-mi
 freemen Redcoat-to not be faithful, but mountains-in living
 ge tiba-pe wobo-mi. Pitibada ge Zalibate fugehegi,
 and lord-against fighting. Hotprince and Redcoat very unhappy
 varoba-fe-je hetiba-fe-de varo-gi wituvaro. Zalibate
 messengers-by freemen-to say-to ordered. Redcoat
 -ke varoba wivaro: "Here feba-fe seba-ye tiha bo-vi,
 -from messenger said: "If you (pl.) my lordship take-will.
 seba-ye tiha fufe hetiba-fe-de ko-vi.
 my lordship all freemen-to give-will.

This next fragment is not closely linked to the overall narative; it is more
an extra informational note.

Dy hetiba-fe-ye tiniba-fe-ye biraha-fe dy liha-fe-ye wijo-si.
Three freemen's headmen's flags three colors-of were made.
By-i liha bamaliha Bamaliba-deke, ky-i liha galiha
First color red Redman-for, second color green
Galiba-deke, dy-i liha yawaliha Yawalira-deke.
Greenman-for, third color black Blackwind-for.
Rihana-ye biraha dy liha-fe fege: taliha ge lilaliha ge yalaliha.
Coldland's flag three colors also: blue and gold and silver.
Tivaka-deke yaliha, Tivaba-deke lilaha, ge Tivada-deke taliha.
VI.A.Kushy Yemu:
To setyya-y tydaya-ty-y vyzyla-ty to hu-ty-eelu
Three rebel-of overseers-of banners three colors from
mekedan. Ko-ye hu vysuhu. Vysuhulaya-kulu, No-ye hu
made. First color bloodred Bloodyclothman-for, Second color
gahu Gahuya-kulu, to-ye hu sehahu Sehahuzu-kulu.
green Greenman-for, third color black Blackwind-for.
Sehyna y vyzyla to hu-ty nono: syku nono tyhahu nono lyhahu.
Coldland of banner three colors also: blue and gold and silver.
Lytyla-kulu lyhahu, Vytyya-kulu tyhahu,nono Tyzanyya-kulu syhu.
Goddess-for silver, Mangod-for gold, and Childgod-for blue.

John Leland