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Revisiting Lindiga

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Thursday, August 10, 2006, 3:33
Lately I've been taking another look at Lindiga, the language that was a
predecessor to Minza. There are some things I really like about it, like
the unusual retroflex lateral fricatives and some of the naturalistic
irregularities. Lindiga has a lot of words borrowed from English in a
rather distorted way (mies "mouse", ntiki "indigo" etc.) and from other
languages as well. I never got around to replacing enough of these words
to make a proper fictional language out of it. Probably just as well,
since I never quite figured out who speaks it. At any rate, I've decided
to keep all these natlang-derived words, except for a few minor changes
like "serrti" for "green" instead of "werrti". ("Serrti" is the source
of the Minza word "zerji".) I've left the spelling mainly similar except
for adding "ph" as a long "f" sound (in preference to the original "vv")
and eliminating the accent mark on the retroflex flap "r"; trilled "r"
is now always written "rr" whether long or short (only a few words have
long trilled "r"). I've updated the main index page and the phonology
page; other pages will eventually follow.

I also took another look at the Lindiga color chart and decided to
update the colors to show better examples of the basic color words. Some
of the old colors were a little off.

Next: what to do about the noun classes? I wonder if I can figure out
any patterns for which nouns have which "genders"...