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Ebisedian tutorial: verbs, etc.

From:H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 26, 2002, 20:14
Hi all.

I've recently updated the Ebisedian tutorial, added more interesting
(hopefully) stuff about Ebisedian. Here's what's new:

- section 2.5: nominator sentences. Quite an important subject in
  Ebisedian. (This one isn't *that* new, some of you may have seen this
- section 2.6: correlatives. This is a new section, but nothing ground-
  breaking. At least, to those familiar with (Classical) Greek, this
  should be pretty familiar.
- section 2.7: conjunctions. Nothing ground-breaking either; although
  Ebisedian learners will want to take note of implicit conjunctions.
- And now the real stuff: chapter 3, All about Verbs!
  - the first section in this chapter delves into great lengths about the
    attributes of Ebisedian verbs.
  - the second section talks about gerunds and participles. This section
    still needs some work; currently it is a bit thin on material.
- Then there's also the beginnings of chapter 4, which talks about
  subordinate passages. I haven't gotten to the bombshell in this chapter
  yet, but anyway, you can see what's there already.

PS. I recently upgraded teTeX, and I suddenly realized that it had
overwritten my previous settings on Type-1 fonts. (I must've done it wrong
and put settings in internal teTeX files that I should instead put in my
local config file.) Which means that if you recently downloaded a copy of
the Ebisedian grammar, lexicon, or tutorial, you may have a bad PDF which
looks really ugly in Acrobat Reader.

This has been fixed; so if you're getting an eyesore, please do yourself a
favor and download the fixed Ebisedian PDFs:

(Ebisedian fans are hereby permitted to send fan mail and/or flames to me.


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