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Re: Rabbits (was: Vocab #4)

From:Padraic Brown <agricola@...>
Date:Sunday, April 21, 2002, 4:57
Am 20.04.02, John Cowan yscrifef:

> Padraic Brown scripsit: > > > > 1. bunny / rabbit > > > > il levoerinis, /i lEvWR'in/ = hare > > il lepeors, /i 'lEpeWR/ = hare > > la connea, /la 'kone@/ = coney > > il conechoelis, /Il conExoWl/ = rabbit > > I don't think that K would have separate terms for "rabbit" and "coney". > English only borrowed "rabbit" because "coney" (an earlier borrowing) > had become homonymous with an obscene word. Note that they are used quite > synonymously in _The Lord of the Rings_, specifically in the > chapter "Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit": Sam says "raw coney chokes me".
Ah, but K borrowed "conea" from English. It's not a common word, by any stretch, and is a derogatory term for a CN operative. It is used to mean "rabbit" when immitating Saxon usage, e.g. in cartoons and such like. Oo ar, oo ar.
> Is the original native name of the animal (now lost) still known?
I don't think so. The Latin is surely the only surviving term I've seen. Kind of odd, considering so many other K animal names are in fact Celtic in nature. I can think of these animals: From Celtic: il cy (dog), il muckis (boar), il melys (animal, beast), il luchetanis (rat), la louchet (mouse), il puckys (Irish?) (ram), il damis (ox), il carfs (hart), il peskis (fish), l' ous (ewe), il vetys (deer), la cew (cow breed), l' artys (bear), l' uruis (bison), il tarfs (bull), l' anex (fish), l' ess (salmon), il cawalys (horse), l' ecouis (horse), il brockys (badger), l' eppio (horse), l' ammyx (fish), l' aloza (lark), l' alexs (elk), il valio (horse), il bevoers (beaver), il begis (bumble bee), il vlethenys (wolf, somewhat symbolic), la bothio (crow), la vrickio (wren), il vragyeont (donkey), il cavonys (horse), il canafs (Brith ill canow?)(pet), il cunio (hound), l' evoels (colt), l' ythens (bird), il gavoers (goat), la cario (crane), l' arthea (heron), la yarrow (hen), la lurien (vixen), il lugis (lynx), c' ovoertha (eel), la peircka (perch), il segews (dog breed), la rotara (fish), il rufio (wildcat), il salaronys (trout); il martys (cooked beef), il marthiseckoes (dried beef, jerky), il moutys (cooked mutton), il gouetnisio (cooked deer), il pwercko (cooked porc). From Latin: il torys (bull), il lewpis (wolf), il cats (cat), il canis (dog), il furet (ferret), il lepoer (hare), il conechoels (rabbit), il puls (poultry), il caveor (goat), il gous (gander), la galu (hen), il voulpis (fox), l' anis (goose), il bos (cow), la corbio (crow), il porcis (hog); il mowto (mutton), il beofs (beef), il ueniso (venison), il porcs (pork), la pultio (cooked chicken). Padraic. -- Stean San Agnes an guella stean en Kernow.


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