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Guns of the South

From:Fabian <rhialto@...>
Date:Saturday, January 15, 2000, 13:50
Saw this on an alternate timeline list. Any idea what language they might be


January 1, 2000

           "It has been too long for our countries to have been apart.  We
of the same ancestry, language, religions, and cultures.  We are all
 Always have been, when our great-great grandfathers fought many years ago,
was for many fighting brother against brother.  After the war great strides
were made towards the healing of the wounds tore open by the War of Southern
Independence.  Advances made in the south were shared with the north, and
likewise the north with the south.  When the Union went to war with Britain,
the Confederacy did not interfere, even helped by sending units into action
the Caribbean liberating British possessions there, making them too
Our healing was also kept alive by keeping the border between north and
open til this day.  Where it was even the longest unguarded border in the
world.  When the Confederacy went to war with Mexico, the Union did not
interfere.  During the Great War, Union and Confederate forces fought side
side against the evil imperialistic powers of Britain, France, and Russia.
by the way were given a sound ass whipping (deafening roar by the crowd with
scattered southern yells throughout).  My fellow Americans, we are gathered
here from the far reaches of our countries, Nova Scotia to Baja California,
Virginia to Franklin, the mining colonies of the moon, to the territorial
outposts of Mars, to do something that should have been done long ago.  We
here to reunite our two countries, we are no longer from the United States
America or the Confederate States of America.  I, your newly elected
Robert Bruce, have been given the honor to be the first to say that we all,
north or south, east or west, are from America.  May God bless America and
it safe!"
                        -Opening remarks by President Bruce at the
reunification ceremony January 1, 2000.  January 1 will be known as
Reunification day to commemorate the occasion.  Official name of the country
the Republic of America.  All 83 states from the Union and Confederacy
unaminously approved the reunion, except for South Carolina which only had
percent of the vote in favor, 33% were opposed, and 14% were for seceeding
the Confederacy.  President Bruce was elected in the November of 1999,
considering his father was from Illinois and his mother was from Florida,
home state (note: Florida was the most populous state in the Confederacy due
the advent of AC in 1892) .  He ran as a Confederate-Democrat and won with a
popular vote of 179 million, compared to his primary opponent, Thaddeus
who had 57 million votes.  Total Population of the Republic of America is
approx. 413 million people.  (in OTL it would consist of the U.S., Canada,
Carribbean, Mexico, Greenland, Phillipines, and all of central America ).