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Synaesthesia -- OFFLIST

From:Patrick Dunn <pdunn@...>
Date:Saturday, December 28, 2002, 17:42
Joseph Fatula wrote:

> > If instead any of these struck you as obvious (or in the case of my own > associations, completely wrong), that's what I'm interested in. If you're > like me, you've never thought about it much, like you never think about > walking. I realized something was going on when I made a comment about the > "inherent" color of something as opposed to the color it actually has. And > if you find that much of your conlanging is in the furtherance of a quest to > find ought what everything ought to sound like, let me know.
I'm mildly synaesthetic in terms fo entire languages. Latin for instance tastes like wine. Greek tastes like wine too, but more sour and interesting. Old English smells like binding glue. Spanish sounds like small cymbols. French tastes like dishwater. Indonesian smells like something sweet, but I can't place it -- some sort of perfumed spice. Sandalwood? No, not quite. When I was a child, I was strongly synaesthetic with numbers, and this helped me learn how to multiply.