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New to the list

From:Oskar Gudlaugsson <hr_oskar@...>
Date:Thursday, June 15, 2000, 15:32
Dear list-members of Conlang,

My name is Oskar Gudlaugsson and I'm 20 years old from Iceland. I'm a
polyglott and linguistics-enthusiast who uses conlanging for personal
expression. Sound familiar?

Anyway, subscribers to AUXLANG would be familiar with me, as I've been on
that list for a month or so. However, I just decided to leave it, as I'm
sick of the pointless bickering there about personal matters or the utterly
uninteresting history of the IAL-movement. Not enough useful discussion
going on there.

I'm well aware that discussions on auxlangs are not allowed on this list.
However, I recently realized that my ideas should be posted on this list
instead of the other, as I'm only really interested in the design of
auxlangs per se; I don't care about the auxlang-movement or the teaching of
those languages ("propagating" is what they call it). The last time I
presented my ideas the only comments I got were "How will you propagate
this language?".

What I'm saying is: I have no interest in the politics on AUXLANG. I'm a
conlanger with particular interest in the design of IALs, with no concern
for their actual use at all. I don't propagate. Therefore, I'm coming to
this list. I want to kindly ask permission to post some of my design ideas
here, even though they are about IALs. Their real nature is much
rather "conlangish" or even "artlangish". Would that be okay?