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Re: Description question

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 9, 2001, 11:39
From: "Matthew Pearson" <Matthew.Pearson@...>
>You could call the _-i_ form the "direct" (or "subject-topic") >form and the _pi-_ form the "inverse" (or "object-topic" form). >The term "inverse" is common for constructions which topicalize >or 'foreground' a direct object without eliminating the subject >(or 'backgrounding' the subject by rendering it as an oblique >"by" phrase). The terms "subject-topic" and "object-topic" come >from the literature on Philippine-style voicing systems, which >have been discussed rather extensively on this list (you can >look in the archives under 'trigger systems', or ask Kristian >Jensen or Barry Garcia to give you the basics...). > >As for what to call _ara_, well... Does it really need a name? >It can be described fairly succinctly as a "marker of core >(subject/object) case used for non-topics". If you need a label >for it, how about "non-topic case-marker"?
Hey, excellent! "Direct" and "inverse" are good, and "non-topic" works well enough. Thanks! *Muke!