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Re: OT: pronunciation question

From:John Vertical <johnvertical@...>
Date:Friday, May 26, 2006, 18:29
> > [a\] for the mid central vowel is a similar innovation I've also > > taken into usage. > >Is this the same as [@]? Or some other sound? > >Cheers, >-- >Philip Newton
>Mid central vowel? Not the low central vowel? > >Alex
Waagh! Yep, that should read "LOW central vowel". o_ô;; It's a bit easier than [a_"], but maybe even [6] could suffice in many a situation... [Chris Bates:]
> Z-SAMPA is yet another X-SAMPA variant used by conlangs and almost no-one >else. :D It's similar to CXS apart from the fact that CXS seems to be the >conlang list's variant of X-SAMPA, and Z-SAMPA is the variant used on the >Zompist Bulletin Board and other related boards and websites. > I wouldn't worry... both standards seem to agree on pretty much >everything except the really obscure sounds.
...and it an be found at . The only actual disagreement with CXS I know of is that our [& &\] are their [{ &] (as per original X-SAMPA) - but there's also tons of all-new symbols. Oh, and it seems that I remembered a bit wrong; [e\] is already reserved for an epiglottal approximant, so the front unrounded middle vowel is represented as [E\]. Hmh. *I'm* still gonna use [e\] as a vowel. John Vertical