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Are any of you working on a conlang that is based off

From:a. koch <k.aleks@...>
Date:Friday, May 31, 2002, 0:06
Heh heh, Well I know what you mean. I meant just...put a project on a
backburner or something? *shrug*
I don't know. I am continuously coming up with new, different ideas
to toy with and at some points it becomes chaotic. I just have so
many SEPERATE ideas floating around in my head, on paper, on the
computer screen...ahh well. So it goes...

On 30 May 2002, Christopher B Wright, <faceloran@...> wrote:

>>Aleks sekalge: >>>Ahh you ever feel overwhelmed with your languages? >> >>Let me put it this way: would you ever feel overwhelmed by a quiet, >>unassuming wife who always has lots of time to spend with you whenever >>you want to? I have a very serious relationship with Sturnan, a life-long >>relationship. I'll stop breathing before I give up Sturnan entirely. >> >>When I am working on a conlang besides Sturnan, I often feel overwhelmed. >>However, I don't feel guilty about it; Sturnan doesn't believe in >>monogamy :)). >>
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