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[Choctaw -- I forgot to add a subject last time]

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Sunday, June 4, 2000, 1:06
>From: Marcus Smith <smithma@...>
>Where did you find this? Is it on the web anywhere? > > >Ha! I found a sample of Choctaw text.: the first few paragraphs of one >of > >the Oklahoma Choctaw Constitutions, what year I can't say. > >I've looked at the English versions from 1983 and 1979, and neither of them >seem to match this Choctaw text.
It's on the web as a facsimile of a printed document, a .gif I think... but I lost it! I'll have to send you the file. It's not a "certified" copy because it has a lot of typos (the v-vowel is italicized, but so are adjacent l's, and c appears where v should in a couple places, etc. I'll send you the picture file immediately after this post.
> I changed the > >underlined vowels to vowels with tildes (since Latin-1 lacks i-tilde, I > >rendered nasal i as i~) > >It must be a pretty recent rendition to have underlined nasals. But it has >other features I find rather bizarre, such as _aivlhpiesa_: the sequence ><ie> >would be phonetically [ii:] (short i followed by long i). Hard to see that >as >a real pronunciation.
Are you sure you're not thinking in Chickasaw vowel phonology? The data on Choctaw I got has /e/ and /i/ listed in given pronunciation, and this came from a list of common words/phrases on Choctaw Nation pages. There are sound files somewhere. It's just not as easy to find a lot of data on a language spoken by thousands instead of millions... DaW. ________________________________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at