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Conlang book: any interest?

Date:Saturday, May 5, 2001, 17:07
Before I continue working on the conlang book, I wanted to make sure there is
still interest in the project; I don't want to put hours of work into it only
to have nearly no one want copies. I expect the book at this point to have
essays with background information on conlanging and specific advice on how
to create languages, as well as a list of some conlangs and where to find
information on them, a section with interesting language features, and a
glossary of conlanging-related terms. The book will probably be about 100
pages, and the cost will be only as much as I need to pay for the printing.
There is a brief outline at

I'm not asking for people to pre-order the book now; I just want to make sure
there is enough interest to warrant continuing the project. If there is
interest, I should have the book ready for printing by August; otherwise I'll
discontinue the project.

If you would want a copy of the book, please post a reply saying so, so that
I know how many people are interested.



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