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Re: Vocab 2.6

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Thursday, December 5, 2002, 16:02
Since vocab 2.7 doesn't motivate me much, I'll finish the
second half of 2.6 instead...

   > 6. pipe
   >     Their pipes are dirty.


     Slicte mo jem arolo.
     /"sliCt# mo j@m a"ro:lO/
     dirty  be:3e  POS:3a  duct


     Sui ducti son soerdi.
     [sU"DUxti sAn "sardi]
     POS:3p:m:NOMp  duct:NOMp  be:3p  dirty:m:NOMp

   > 7. dip
   >     There is a dip in the road here.
   >     I hear she dips her jelly donuts in her tea.


     Mo dunjo ro nome tis.
     /mO "dMnjO rO "no:m tis/
     be:3e  dip  in  road:d  here

     Je dobjut tse idze i jem immo mej u kojen.
     /j@ dO"bjMt "tSidZi j@m"immO mej M kO"jEn/
     PER:1:OBJ  narrate:PST:PSV:3e  TSE  soak:3i  OBJ  POS:3a
         pastry  fruit  PRE  tea:d

     "It has been narrated to me that she soaks her fruit pastry
     in the tea."


     Ix debrissun ic in vijae.
     [iS de"briss@n iC im"mi:je]
     be:3s  depression:NOMs  here  in  road:OBLs

     Nuendsan ud merge suun pullun in suan tejan.
     ["nyndz@n U "mErg sUm"bUll@n indzUn"de:j@n]
     report:3p  THAT  dip  POS:3s:m:ACCs  pastry:ACCs  in
         POS:3s:a:ACCs  tea:ACCs

     Note:  |Pullu| is from Latin |pullus|, which seems to mean
            "little cake" alongside "young (animal); small chicken".
            I decided to abstain from the VL trend to use |pullus|
            as "chicken" in general, so I can keep the little cake
            meaning (which is kinda cute) without too much ambiguity.

   > 8. outdoor
   >     I saw him outdoors. (adv)
   >     I want to go on an outdoor adventure. (adj)


     Je kolze jos.
     /j@ "kOlZ"jOs/
     PER:3a:OBJ  see:PST:1  outside

     Noka kwoze u joso (josni).
     /"no:ka kwo:Z M "jo:sO "jOsni/
     go:GND  want:1  PRE  adventure  nature

     Note:  The |josni| "nature, pertaining to the outdoors" is
            redundant here, since |joso| "excursion, adventure, trip"
            already contains that notion.


     En uezivo foere.
     [en y"Di:vA fAjr]
     PER:3s:m:ACC  see:PST:1s  outside

     Cuebo vare avandoeren foere.
     ["ky:bA va:r ,av@n"dAjr@m fAjr]
     desire:1s  go:INF  adventure:ACCs  outside

     Note:  |Avandoere| is stolen from German "Abenteuer".

   > 9. priest
   >     The priest says that she is an honest woman.


     Zin tsemmaje pjori u tse fel novni moe.
     /Zin tSEm"ma:j "pjo:ri M tS# hEl "nOvni mo:/
     say:3e  teacher  wonder  PRE  TSE  woman  honest  be:3i

     Note:  |Wonder-teacher| is a (slightly tongue-in-cheek) idiom
            for a priest of another culture's religion.  The closest
            the Obrenaj have to priests are |arimaj| "thinker,
            philosopher, sage" and |amillaj| "counselor".


     Saerdode dige en ere an feiman veirdigan.
     [sEr"do:d di:g en e:r @m"pejm@mmer"di:g@n]
     priest:NOMs  say:3s  PER:3s:ACC  be:INF  a:f:ACCs  woman:ACCs

     Note:  |Saerdode| is from Latin |sacerdos|.

   > 10. pretty
   >     I smelled the pretty flowers.


     Novze i zamie wen.
     /"nOvZi za"mi: wEn/
     smell:PST:1  OBJ  flower:d  pretty


     Oufaegivo flores puogers.
     [ufE"gi:vA "flo:r@S"pu@g@rs]
     smell:PST:1s  flower:ACCp  pretty:m:ACCp

-- Christian Thalmann