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Re: CHAT: John Cowan's Spare Brain (was: Ferochromon)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 24, 2002, 16:06
John Cowan wrote:
>Tristan McLeay scripsit: > >> John, how do you know everything? Is there some magic or medicine that >> gives you all the knowledge in the world? If so, you couldn't perchance >> forward any to me, could you?
>(snip interesting discussion; I'm sometimes accused of this -- though
compared to our JC I'm a piker -- but, having come late to computers, I tend not to think of google.........
>And Rosta (I think) once described me and others on this list (I'm not >unique, just far out on the curve) as "knowing at least something about >almost everything", which I think is a fair enough statement.
A dear departed friend of mine, when queried, would simply answer rather snippily, "One just knows these things." The reverse of the coin-- in senior year of HS, a friend (who thought he was Hemingway or Fitzgerald reincarnated) wrote a truly dreadful play, which nonetheless won a prize and was performed, that included this line: "Yet I dislike to think that a mind, trained to hurdle intellectual hoops, should amount to this...." Even at age 18, that line resonated and seemed to foreshadow the course of my own life. I encounted the author at our 50th reunion 2 months ago and reminded him of it; he turned beet red and grumbled "Oh fergodsake."