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From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Thursday, May 30, 2002, 23:26
From: "Wesley Parish" <wes.parish@...>

> Lake sounds interesting. Does it include any clicks, a la dolphin > communications? Any speech register difference between in-water speech
> out-of-water speech?
Jeez, I haven't really thought about that.... I guess in-water speech would involve sign language and making gestural clicks (like we'd tell a horse to "giddy-up", or say "tsk-tsk"). The conlang will involve the out-of-water speech. But note that the Lake people are like aquatic mammals, where they don't have gills or anything like that; they can't breathe underwater, but they sure can swim and dive!
> I myself tried to think around that self-same problem with some names > belonging to an amphibious species I was creating in the same world as > Tan`ala and 'Erava, the world of Kero Siritse. I suppose I compromised a > little with what little I got done - the Qhicing (q represented the > side-dental click (what _is_ _it_ _called_, the click from the molars on > either side?), with c representing the dental click and x the palatal
> and their embassador Paqhahwa (h representing a whistle above water, a
> silence under water.)
You took those features from the Nguni languages I take it? Anyway, the letters q, x and c can't function as clicks in Lake; they're already assigned to pulmonic egressive consonants. ~Danny~


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