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Name of Countries

From:Carlos Thompson <cthompso@...>
Date:Monday, December 14, 1998, 18:08
I know there has been some discutions in this list about names of
Countries, so if any one could give me the subjects I could search in my
mailing archive or eGroups.  If any body wants to complete them I'm
interested in the following:

Name of the country in English (or Spanish).
National Language(s) in English
Name of the language in that language.
Name of the Country in the national language(s)
Etimology of the name (both in English and national languages).
Name given to the people (ethnic groups and nationals) in both English
and the national languages.
National and ethnic adjectives.

Country: Sverige /'sve:rije/ (Sweden)
Adjective: svensk /svensk/ (Swedish)
National: svensk | svenska (Suede)
Language: svenska /'svenska/ (Swedish)
  "Sverige" short for "Sveas Rike" meaning "Contry of the Suedes".
  "Sweden" I don't know, probably from Germanic plural for "Suedes".
Also found in German as "Schweden"
Ethnic groups:
  Svea (Suede)
  Go"te (Goth)
  Sami (Lapp in Lappish)

Country: Colombia /ko'lombja/ (Colombia or Columbia)
Adjective: colombiano /kolom'bjano/
National: colombiano | colombiana
Language: espan~ol /espa'Jol/ (Spanish)
Etimology: Named after Christoforu Colombus.  Some times translated into
English as Columbia for the same reason.
Ethnic groups:  Many aboriginal groups with no clear supremacy from any
of them, descendents of Spaniards and other Europeans and from Black
Africans brought as slaves.  Very mixed.

Thank you.

Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzsn
  ITEC-Telecom, Colombia