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OT Thanksgiving was Re: Thoughts on Tarsyanian verbs

From:wayne chevrier <wachevrier@...>
Date:Friday, September 30, 2005, 16:53
tomhchappell nevesht:
>Carsten Becker wrote: > > > > Not only you ... I know this problem good enough myself. > > Well, you'll see more given that I feel like coming up > > with more until Thanksgiving -- over here, that'd be > > already on coming Sunday, but IIRC the American > > Thanksgiving is sometime in November or December. > >Fourth Thursday in November for U.S.Americans; sometime in October >for Canadians. > >I wasn't aware that any country in Europe even had a National Day of >Thanksgiving. > >That suggests some OT SURVEY questions:- What is/are your home nation >(s), and do they have a National Day of Thanks-Giving annually, and >if so, when is it? >
Canada, Yes, Second Monday in October. -Wayne Chevrier


João Ricardo de Mendonça <somnicorvus@...>